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Originally Posted by Sports_Nerd View Post
The quote is ambiguous (and nonsensical.) You don't need other 300lb men to do cardio, and you don't "fend people off" when you're doing cardio.

Also, I'm guessing you don't actually watch American football (Try to catch some this season, it's awesome. Especially if you Tivo it and watch the next day so you can fast forward through all the inaction.) Cardio isn't really a strong point for these guys. It typically has short, highly intense bursts of activity, followed by lots of standing around. And when someone actually sprints any serious distance, they often get switched out and given oxygen.

It's just not the sport you'd look to for cardio training. Strength, explosiveness, agility, sure. Not cardio.

You have no idea what you are talking about. Seriously. 300+ lb men, going balls to the wall EVERY play takes cardio. Yes, they do get little rest periods between plays, but like i said, they are 300+ lb men. And if you honestly think they don't run EVERY practice, along with doing resistance training, you are insane. Especially if you go look at these freaks that weigh 320 lbs and are running 4.5s and 4.4s. Come on dude..

You would know if you actually played.

It's ironic that you're name is sports nerd yet you know absolutely jack shit (obviously) about football.

Originally Posted by gazh View Post
I'm fairly sure Overeem is still located in the Netherlands full time and when he books a fight has his camp at the Blackzilians.
Wrong. He trains here full time now. Im sure he does go and see his family though, but the only gym up there is golden glory and we all know how that went.

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