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Rhonda just put in her opinion. It is flawed in some peoples minds and correct in others. She really should talk to Jones about his decision first before talking down about his decision if she is really his friend but that really is her attitude so this is more a judge of her character rather than on jones. She dances around and ducks Cyborg whenever they will be able to fight too I bet.

Jones did what a smart person promoting their business does. Is it what fight fans want to see? No. Still think he should do what he feels ok with and he still is one of the most dominant fighters out there. He did not feel like the risk was worth it and in the end it is his decision. The sonnen fight would not have interested me anyways so I am not really that bummed about not being able to see it. Sonnen has not done anything to deserve that fight in the first place and no matter what this is MMA. Any fighter is dangerous no matter who you are. It was smart just not what people want to see.

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