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Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
You sure thats not the story line they are going with lol???

Cena sure as hell looks like he is "acting" in that picture.

And i dont see the whole "PG" thing stop Vince mcmahon is he wants a Brock Line "out of control" story line. Actually the PG thing would help him at that.

And if this is real.. its just cause Brock sucks at wrestling. He has been known to suck before he ever joined MMA.
It's def not. I'll post in here tommorow the vid of the match. Lesnar was supposed to use his "MMA" style of wrestling, but he landed too hard with an elbow and split Cena's head opened bad.

He looks as if he's acting because he is. I hate the dude's character but I had respect for him after watching that. He took a serious cut and gave it the usual theatrics to sell the fight. Very good showing by him. A cut is a cut though, Cena is a grown man who works out every day, he can take a rouge elbow you know.

They stretch it, but the PG shit rules all. I watched WWE vintage the other day. Christian Vs Edge (which was filmed in 2003, which completley mind fd me to think that ITS vintage lol). Both got cut during the fight. Edge a nick under his eye and Christian with a burst nose. They actually turn the camera black and white because they cant shwo blood. Shit has taken over.

Brock does suck, but MMA had it's part. He's not the brightest dude and he was way too rough for WWE. He could at least have a match without hurting anyone before, but in his first two appearances, he burst Cena's lip and split his head opened (along with nearly breaking his own neck...again). He was always a risky wrestler, but now he#s lost the tiny bit of ability he had. I'm more excited than ever to see him badly hurt a WWE guy haha.

EDIT: I just read that the plan is Lesnar Vs Taker at WrestleMania. That'd be fuked up considering that Taker in real life called out Lesnar at the UFC event. At least Taker is a man about it. Kevin Nash talked about Wade Barrett's wife, saying he'd **** the shit out of her while he watched, and Wade was in the ring with him at Royal Rumble (and eliminated him). You can be damn sure I'd let a punch go full force before I threw him out.

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