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Originally Posted by K R Y View Post
Really really loving GW2. Lived up to my expectations. And for a game I've been looking forward to since it was announced beyond any other game, I'm extremely happy. The way they implemented the Hall of Monuments was great (stuff done in GW1 transferred over such as item skins/mini pets/titles etc).

A few things need improving on and adding in such as Guild vs Guild, Guild Halls which they've said will come at a later date. The party system was amazing in GW1, I hope they greatly improve on the one they're currently using.

Playing a Human Elementalist. It was always the 'fun no skill' class in the first game. Not much thought behind it, and reduced to being the 'bitch role' or flag runner in GvGs. In GW2 it's extremely different. Much more complex and varied, but still insanely fun. My favourite class was Monk and Necromancer in the first game, but meh they scrapped Monk and I didn't feel Necro in the beta. Looking forward to trying out Thief as well.

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Going in not expecting anything really, just a little research on it, I think the game is pretty fun too. It's definitely not the best MMO I've played, in fact I'd even say SWTOR is better from level 1 to max (the end-game blows hard though), unless something big changes up in the leveling formula later on.

I loved the spaceship system in SWTOR, and I thought the PvP pre-max level was really fun, Huttball being one of my all time favorite PvP maps on any MMO to date. Also, SWTOR does the "personal story" aspect a million, billion times better. The one in GW2 is awful by comparison, but it's neat to have it in there anyways. So far nothing in GW2 has stuck out for me like the pvp/hutball in SWTOR or the spaceship system, or the personal story in SWTOR that's vastly superior (and did it first).

So, yeah, so far it's pretty good glad I bought it, it gives me something to do until... probably dishonored, fun stuff, but not the best MMO out there by any means IMO, unless level 80 content is something really special and can avoid the grind yet somehow make it interesting, that shall be interesting to see. As of right now, I'm not feeling a grind however I can defintiely see it coming soon. They tried to make it more interesting by not accepting quests, but really that's all you are doing, you go to the heart marker, complete the quest, then go to the next heart marker, while doing little side missions that pop up from time to time. On paper it sounds really neat and different, but in action it feels a bit different at first even refreshing some but then feels very similar once the feel of "new game, yo" wears off.

Overall, I'm enjoying it and I'll probably hit max, play some end-game, then move on.
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