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Originally Posted by jooshwa View Post
I think it does cause if it was any other champ not as many people would be complaing. The MAIN thing i see in all this is how does someone coming off a lose get a title shot?
Lol what??

If anything people would be way more disapointed.

There isnt a single champion in the UFC that would have done what Jones did. BUT the funny thing is out of all the champions its really not surprising that Jones is the one that pulled that.

Originally Posted by above View Post
So why do so many people hate Jones?

He sounds like a decent guy to me from what I saw.

So... Why?

Because he is a proven liar. His word is not worth jack sht to him. He treats the fans like they are idiots or something. What does he think we wont know when he is full of shit?

1. I will never fight Rashad. He is like my brother.

Later. I will fight Rashad if Dana wants me to. I dont want to lose my job. (Funny how he didn't worry about that when he caused a headline title fight to disappear 8 days before the event)

2. The UFC is sponsoring me because they know i will never do something like get a DUI (BTW he wasnt asked a question about drunk driving instead he just decided to lie randomly)

Later. Gets a DUI and crashes in to a pole with passangers.

3. I will never and have never turned down a fight.
3'1. I would fight Chael Sonnen in a heartbeat.

Later. Turns down a fight with Chael Sonnen after training for 3 months while Chael Sonnen accepts and has not been training at all.

The list goes on. Lets not forget his recent comments where he says "I cant wait to bless my fans" by allowing us to be his T-Shirts Or "Il carry the cross for my company".

The guy is talking like he is the next Jesus and now us buying his merchandise is him blessing us.

The list about this guy is a mile long. it grows every other week. These comments come out each week.
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