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Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
I'm watching the pilot now on y'all's recommendation. one thing kind of bugs me in the 1st 10 minutes.

Nobody, nobody, nobody. ever. in the history of the universe, ever got paid 25k for delivering a briefcase full of weed.

I hope the writers know lawyering better than they know weed.
ROFLZ...hahahahhhahahahahha...I think we're the only two that realized this...lolz! First off each ziplock is one full pound at $3k at most. There was like four bags, but you'd need eight bags + a qp to make it $25k. Now if it's the other stuff I can understand, but it would have made it too hardcore. The whole green theme comes into play in the later episode.

I like this show because it's fairly light. One of my favorites was Entourage. Could never get tired of watching...

PS: Good recommendation GR.

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