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It is a justified statement. However Miletich is an employee not an employer. He doesn't truly understand the political and business ramifications that decision carried. It essentially reverberated with profound effect. If he was an executive he would have lobbied for the fight knowing his bottomline was at risk along with the company.

As stated other organizations have completely collapsed with their main event cancelled or revised; Fedor vs Barnett and Kimbo vs Shamrock/Seth. The fact is Zuffa can absorb the loss, but if this occurred early on it would have had a detrimental effect. How many more hits like this before the consumers' lose confidence.

Each of you are looking at it from one point of view. I've already clearly stated that if Zuffa gave the ultimatum that had it been a title fight with zero pay raise then he would be in the right to pass. I'm inclined to think that Zuffa would have gave the green light to a five round non-title fight with a 50% - 100% pay increase. No doubt in my mind.
They lost millions by cancelling and even more so their reputation suffered. Money does not buy reputation.

Any champion, fighter, or human being has a freedom of speech and right to do anything within the constitution. It was likely he was not under contract to fight any last minute replacement therefore not obligated contractually to fight anyone other than Dan Henderson. Here lies the moral ambiguity of the situation.

In this unique circumstance it was about seeing the big picture. If your company goes down under who's going to pay for your mortgage. In their opinion it might not have been the best move career wise (although I think would have been) it was the right thing to do to save the event.

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