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Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
So we either agree with you or we are sheep? No grey area?
If you believe that Bones deserves hatred and made an absurd and monstrous decision, then yes you are a sheep because I guarantee that if Dana White didn't react with his rant the fan "outrage" would be much more tame. Everybody is just following Dana White like a sheep by acting appalled at what was a completely understandable decision by Jon Jones. People in general have a mentality of jumping in with the crowd and scapegoating when it's convenient instead of using logic to accurately assess the situation.

It doesn't matter what Pat says. Bones would have been no less prepared for Sonnen as Sonnen was for Bones. If anything, he would have been more prepared. So, for all this talk about the disadvantages for Bones, what about the things going against Sonnen?
Sonnen had everything to gain, nothing to lose. Bones had everything to lose, nothing to gain. Apples and oranges.

It's not Jons fault the card was a mess and was cancelled. But it still leaves the fact that he didn't think he could beat Chael. I find this attitude a bit of a let down.
Of course Jones thinks he can beat Chael, that's besides the point. Anything can happen and it doesnt make any sense to risk everything you have going for you when you have nothing to gain and aren't even going to be able to put on your best performance. Jon Jones doesn't go out simply to win, he goes out to DOMINATE and make highlight reels like Anderson Silva. He wants to do that every time he fights (and so far he basically has), and so his refusal to fight Chael says nothing of whether he felt he could simply win the fight.
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