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Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
I've watched the 1st 5 episodes now. It's fun, funny, smart, I am entertained.

It still has the same glaring weakness though. Weed.

Now we have weed gangsters kidnapping people??

no man, no.

Weed gangsters are cool. They'd be like..." you don't have my money? that's a buzz kill. Can you have it next week? Good! let's do a bong hit!"

I can't help but think the writer wrote this plot thread as cocaine and somebody at the network said no, let's lighten up and go green.
Probably, lol. I'ts some thing I'm willing to over look though seeing as though if Mike stumbled into Harveys office with a case full of cocaine, then there is no way he would have ever got the job in the first place. It's flawed but makes sense at the same time.

Plus, there are plenty of funny stoner jokes later on in the show.

There is also a game of thrones reference in the second series, it's brilliant.
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