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Originally Posted by Ape City View Post
You're joking right? You really think if I went up to JJ and called hima bitch he would get himself sent to jail by attacking me? You know that if you are trained it is considered assault with a deadly weapon right? You giggle but your comments make me giggle more. Someone like JJ is literally the safest person to call a bitch. He has everything to lose.
This actually isn't true. The whole training=deadly weapon originated with boxing promoters. They'd have a "cop" show up at a press conference and certify one fighter's hands as a deadly weapon. In truth there are only like 3 states that can even classify training as a deadly weapon and not one of them has ever prosecuted someone on that basis.

In the eyes of the law assault is assault. You may get a harsher sentence because of your training but it will still be the same crime random guy A off the street gets charged with. I learned all of this the fun way.

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