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I finished my first karate tournament a few hours ago. I started about 6 months ago. So I get in, he punches me in the stomach. 1-0. I punch him in the face...warning. Stomach...2-0...face...warning. I'm a 20 year old fighting another 20 year old, and I'm getting warnings for "hitting his face too hard"? What's the deal with that? With the exception of fitness and muscle memory, is there ANY upsides to karate? Because, having this romanticied idea of martial arts, growing up watching Bloodsport, Rocky, Kickboxer etc. and now watching UFC, this just isn't right to me. A grown man can take a jab to the face you know.

Probably just ranting, but I've been commiting to this for a while and to find out that my training and sparring is 100 times harder and more fight based than the tournaments themselves, it makes me wonder if I'm completley wasting my time.


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