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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
Sad world we live in.

Public interaction is made and pushed on fighters to use. At the same time they want to police what everyone says and how they say it.

Slowly turning into a scary country we live where everything is starting to get censored. Free speech is lost.

Pussification of America
Slowly? People that think they should have the right to encroach on free speach are turning this country into nazi land.

It wont be long now till privacy is a privilege and free speach is outlawed. They attempt to justify censorship with morality... what a joke we have become all the way around.

"I fear no man, but Jim Harrison and Mike Stone are the two last men that I would wish to meet in an alley fight. Jim Harrison's fighting style is not flamboyant or spectacular, it's just simple and deadly!" - Bruce Lee
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