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Originally Posted by John8204 View Post
1. Some of those fighters UFC records are hardly successful
Mike Whitehead 0-1
Kendell Grove 7-6
Luke Cummo 3-4
Joe Stevenson 8-8
Ed Herman 7-6
Manny Gamburyan 3-5

2. Siler, Dodson, Johnson, Brookins, Caceres, Nijem, Ferguson, Dillashaw, and Bermudez are all closing in on top ten rankings/title shots.

3. Season 1 was filled with fighters that would have been signed anyways.

4. Amir Sadollah had a 0-0 record when he competed on the show, he beat Gerard Harris, CB Dollaway, and Matt Brown three UFC caliber fighters. Amir is still in the UFC BTW so I guess he doesn't suck that much.
Are you kidding me??? I went and sherdogged their records and none of them have a good win and many of them have already lost in the ufc within their first 3 fights. Maybe 1 or 2 of them are PROSPECTS but should not be anywhere near the ufc title or the top 10 rankings. And that is in very weak divisions that dont have much talent.

Im not saying all the guys i named of are studs but i think it gets the point across that the talent level was 5x higher.

And if we want to compare wins then Kendell won his first 3 fights in the ufc. Joe dady stevenson went 5-1, Ed Herman went 3-2, Manny went 2-1.

Alot of them didnt really start sucking until a bit later. And many of the guys you named havent even gotten 3 wins in the UFC yet

For example

Jonathan Brookins




Alex Cacares


How is that getting in to the top 10 rankings or a title shot?? And not to mention that the lighter weights are not very stacked with talent yet. Its a divison that 2-3 guys stick out and the rest are just there.

Dodson and Siller are the only ones that might be on the way to break in to the rankings or a title shot. But neither guy has beaten anyone remotely good. Tim Elliot might be the biggest win between them two.

And i think TONY FERGUSON is a stud but he just lost his fight. And we dont know if its going to be a trend or if he will bounce back. Which is something that happens with TUF guys. They win their first 2-3 fights and then their career goes down hill.

It is not opinion. The earlier TUFs brought in much better talent compared to the TUFs today. But if they can find atleast 1 Dodson "talent" type fighter then i say they keep going.
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