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Originally Posted by Ryan1522 View Post
At this point I'm wondering why you're taking all of this 'bitchery' so hard.

How has the cancellation of UFC 151 negatively impacted your life?

Did you have tickets to the event?

Did your dog die in shock of the news?

I can only speculate because your level of disgust seems to suggest that this series of events that Jones is responsible for has in some way, shape, or form brought devastation to your life.

I'm not trying to be a dick, I'm just trying to understand the noticeable distraught feeling to your post.
It's not that. I'm a former fighter. I've spent my entire life training, teaching, or competing in one type of fighting or another. My disgust comes from someone claiming to be a fighter acting this way. The arrogance, the whining, the saying one thing and doing another... fighters fight. Not bitch, moan, and whine because people didn't like a decision you made. Men make decisions and accept the consequences. Not complain and cry every time somebody criticizes you.

He's just showing traits that genuinely disgust me in people. I could have lived with his decision if he had just made it and said "**** you! It's my decision." Instead he made his decision and then bitched about every single person who's criticized him over it.

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