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Originally Posted by deadmanshand View Post
It's not that. I'm a former fighter. I've spent my entire life training, teaching, or competing in one type of fighting or another. My disgust comes from someone claiming to be a fighter acting this way. The arrogance, the whining, the saying one thing and doing another... fighters fight. Not bitch, moan, and whine because people didn't like a decision you made. Men make decisions and accept the consequences. Not complain and cry every time somebody criticizes you.

He's just showing traits that genuinely disgust me in people. I could have lived with his decision if he had just made it and said "**** you! It's my decision." Instead he made his decision and then bitched about every single person who's criticized him over it.
I can see you logic that 'fighters should fight'. When it was announced that Condit was going to wait to fight GSP instead of defending his interim title I was in complete disgust.

I think the difference in these situations is the timelines.

Condit could have plenty of time to prepare for Hendricks or Kampmann or whomever they decided was fit for him to fight.

For some bizarre reason Dana and Joe Silva thought it was appropriate for an interim fighter to sit out for 9 months and not fight anyone, but they jump all over Jones for not taking a fight on 8 days notice (3 days actual training)?

To me there is a complete double standard here. Why does the company see fit that one fighter can sit out for an extended period of time (which is in his best interest financially as a result of the potential money to be made in a title fight and retaining the title) and another fighter can't make the best decision for them financially (Jones could possibly lose his title to Chael without adequate time to prepare)?

It bugs me that people were backing Condit in his decision because it was 'smart', but they want to burn Jones at the stake for his decision, which imo was smart because of the potential loss in income over the long term considering the risk.

I personally don't like either of their decisions to sit out, but without the UFC being able to force them to fight, why would they make decisions to fight that aren't in their best interest?

Can you really blame either man for making decisions to better themselves and their families financially?

I think the system the UFC has allowed is to blame.

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