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Ah, the Pride vs UFC discussion. Let me be clear, that back in the day I was more of a Pride guy than a UFC guy like everyone else. But we have all grown up, and know what time it is.

A lot of shady dealings were happening, but again when living in that era, Pride was a heck of a lot more entertaining, and had some amazing personalities.

Anyway, back to what we were discussing.

Neither Rampage nor Couture KO'ed Liddell. Henderson would not have been able to either.

If we are comparing losses, in Wand's first run in the UFC he was beaten by Ortiz and Belfort. Rua was a phenom, but like Belfort had a mystique about him that was exposed rather quickly. The Rampage fight deserves its own thread to really be fair, but at times some fighter just have anothers number. I'm sure no one would say Frankie Edgar was better than BJ Penn, but Frankie had BJ plain and simple. All are still super star's and scary as hell. But you can't tell me that Liddell wouldn't have put a fight against either man.

I'll end with this. All the guy's mentioned are legit. They stepped into a ring and fought entertaining fights. I will openly admit that I cheered for guys Chuck stepped in a cage against. At times, I wanted him to lose, but that doesn't mean I don't respect the hell out of him.

Chuck Liddell deserves to be known as one of the baddest men at 205.

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