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Originally Posted by M.C View Post
The problem with that is, FF7/Chrono Trigger had AMAZING graphics back in their time. To a point where, FF7 got so hyped and sold so well at the time specifically because of its graphics. Graphics has been a priority for most console generations.

Moreover, consoles like SNES have the majority of their gaming libraries being below average piles of junk games. The Playstation had a slew of awful games, as does every system, with a good 15-20 really, really good gems that everyone remembers as classics (also the same as every system, including this gen).

Point being, Graphics almost never harm a game (in fact the only thing that would is bad graphics), the top games of the world (classics and current games) all had amazing graphics at the time of their release. I'm honestly not sure how games were better in the old day, most games "back then" sucked ass just like most games today suck ass, people remember Link to the Past, FF7 and Chrono Trigger, the same way we will remember Mass Effect, Skyrim, Red Dead Redemption, God of War, Uncharted, and others of this generation.

Nothing has really changed in the world of gaming in this regard.


As for what I'm playing, I just got done playing the new Skyrim DLC. It's fun, nothing amazing cause it's simple, but fun nonetheless and I'll take any reason to jump back into the world of Skyrim.
I dont think "graphics" harm a game. But it seems like every game that tries to have "amazing" graphics also fails to be a good game. And with the technology we had back then those games were far superior to todays games.

And i dont think any of those games you mentioned should be called the FF7,Chrono trigger, of this era.

Iv played them all and id say Skyrim is the best out of the bunch. But Skyrim has tons of things that could use some improving. For instance i play that game at the hardest difficulty and it is still incredibly easy. The combat system could be improved. Equipment is limited. Story Line's are boring.

I just dont think those games are as good. Not when we compare the level of technology we had then and we have now. And i certainly think the story lines of todays games suck so much more. FF7 and Chrono trigger were both unique, lots of stuff to do, amazing story line, amazing characters, tons of equipment/spells, difficulty was just right. I just dont see many games that do all of these things correctly anymore.

Resident Evil Nemesis is much better then Resident Evil 5 for instance.

All the new Sonic games suck compared to the old Sonic games. Even the ones that they tried to make in 2.5d to compare to the old Sonic.

I find the older games to be much more fun then games of today.

The last Metal Gear solid they worried so much about appearance that half the game was spent in cut scenes.

Aion had great graphics but completely plain when it came to everything else.

I simply just dont agree with what you are saying.
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