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Originally Posted by slapshot View Post
Graphics are a important part of gameplay.

What do you mean by "worst graphics"?

Take World of Warcraft and Skyrim for instance. 1 game has graphics that are geared towards realism (skyrim) and 1 game has graphics that are cartoonish (wow), however it's much easier to walk by an item that you should have picked up in Skyrim than it is in World of Warcraft so what defines better graphics? In reality graphics are part of game mechanics and realism is a type of graphics whether one is better than the other depends on what you're asking from the game design.

In this day and age there is no reason a game can't have sharp graphics and solid mechanics because both have a equal part in making a game fun to play.
Graphics are really not an important part of game play, especially not when it comes to high level competitive games such as Quake, Starcraft, Counter Strike etc Graphics are irrelevant to such games. What's most important in games like those is balance.

I haven't ever played WoW, so can't really comment, but Lol's graphics are just flat out terrible. The textures, models, lighting, every thing is like last generation, hell maybe two generations out dated.

And yea, to the other poster, I agree, LoL is garbage and I can't stand it. I've really no idea how it's become such a popular game.

I'm a die hard fps fan for life. Quake, Unreal Tournament, Counter Strike>>>>>>>>>>>>>>all.

Speaking of counter strike, any one got Counter Strike: GO?
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