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Originally Posted by marcthegame View Post
As much as I agree with the personal stuff, are you forgetting that Jon Jones called Chael a racist, thug, and a criminal?

Here is an exact quote of Jon Jones words, the Bold part I found interesting:

“Chael Sonnen? He’s a punk. He’s a thug,” Jones said. “He calls himself the ‘American Gangster’ and he ratted on all of his friends in the money laundering situation. And he calls himself gangster? That’s not gangster. The guys a straight punk that uses his mouth. He won’t be remembered in history because he loses. People remember in history the winners, not people with big mouths.”

Remember Jones's view on snitching?
Iv already made a post laughing about Jon Jones calling someone a snitch.

But isnt all that already out in the open??? None of those insults seemed that "personal" to me anyway. Chael is going out there making a joke out of the fact that he got caught Money Laundering. So its kinda open game when you do that.

And if you read my quote

if its something completely distasteful and not funny.
By that i mean something really personal. Like that rumor that he gang banged a girl and got her pregnant.

If its something like Jon Jones smokes weed or snitched on someone for whatever then i really dont care. To me that would just be funny... the guy admitting to snitching on people smoking pot, smoking pot himself. That isnt along the lines of distasteful for Chael to put out there imo. If its something along those lines then thats something Jones brought on himself by constantly lying to people.

Im really talking about "Personal" stuff. Like if Jones had an underage girlfriend while being in college or w/e. Maybe she was 17 and he was 19. To me that should be personal. Or maybe the guy was drunk and got tricked by an underage girl or a transvestite. Or maybe he had a gay experience. Thats the kind of stuff i think Chael should keep to himself.
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