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Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post

Its still between JJ and the girl.

I know exactly what JJ does and all his holier then thou nonsense. But something that private is still private. If JJ goes around saying "Iv never ran a train on a girl" and then it turns out he has, okay its fair game. But to put something public that is that personal and that happened while he was in college, is ridiculous.

We have all probably done things when we were younger that we wouldnt do today. Something he did at that age shouldnt go public just because now he is famous.

I cant even begin to reason why people believe Jones sex life while in college is public domain.

If thats the case then there are no personal boundaries anymore. Everything he and everyone has done should be public.
OK man,. I got to know????
was it a farm animal or a tranny????
PM me bro, I won't tell a soul..
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