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Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
From when is TMZ a respectable website with any type of class??? Or from when are reporters trying to get the biggest scoop the moral standard??

My point is that if Chael knows something really personal and distasteful then he should keep it to himself. I know iv done things in my past im not proud of and im sure you have and im sure Chael Sonnen has. The difference is though Jon Jones might have done something when he was just an avereage joe like us but now if that info gets released it wont be just around his group of friends or school (Like it would for us). It will go to millions and millions of people.

Ofcourse TMZ and reporters would release the story. They are also considered some of the biggest scumbags on this planet.
I dont disagree with you about TMZ being scumbags etc.

But JJ has come out and called Chael a Racist. These days people get thrown in jail for being Racist, and its pretty much top of the charts of insults is it not? That kind of thing is about as bad as PR gets in this day an age, possibly the only thing worse is sexual deviancy

I do think chael has too much class to talk about stuff like that if it is the case. But I also think he's clever, and if that rail shit did happen it will come out via a friend of a friend on a note on a pizza box....
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