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don't know where else to put this so I'll bung it here. Thoughts on the recent interview with JBJ:

The fact that he kept saying "Chael won't be remembered in history" struck me as odd. He also repeated "Everything will be forgotten when I beat Vitor Belfort" which I don't think will be the case. Certain things just stay with a fighter whether it is Bisping squirting water or Koscheck bullying Chris Leben. It all reminded me of the interview he did with Rashad Evans when he spoke in a bizarre and grandiose manner about his legacy.

He comes across as being desperate to be universally liked.

He also dropped his PR guy recently according to Ariel Helwani.

The Jackson camp is attracting a lot of bad press what with the Guida fight and the recent Tate v Kedzie fight where Jackson was shouting loudly from the corner. Is it because they are one of the, if not the, most successful camps at the moment? Or is it because they are nurturing a Mourinho style "us against the world" type mentality?

What we can learn is that mma in general is becoming more politicised which I feel can only be a bad thing. It is becoming a unique situation with Dana and the UFC still having to promote Jones for the Belfort fight compared to the wrestling world where he would be presumably buried.

Not that the things Jones was saying was were wrong per se it was more the fact that he felt the need to defend his position so vehemently. He even said that he should do what GSP does and disappear between fights. Why not start that now instead of seeking a platform to try and clear his name? It seems he is torn as to whether to take that route or not. He kept saying that he was thinking of leaving social media and that most fighters at Jackson Winkeljohn don't check their mentions on twitter. I felt that this shows just how much he cares about the public perception.

Fascinating stuff anyway and it's lead to a stacked card in Toronto.

One more thing, people saying that the ufc 151 card was thin and that traditionally they could bump up the co-main event should take into account the fact that because the proposed main event of Jones v Hendo was such a big draw the rest of the card didn't need to be.
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