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Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
It's amazing how people have already fabricated group sex, harems, abandoned orphans and weed central in their mind, pointing out Jones' hypocrisy and congratulating themselves on judging him WITHOUT KNOWING A THING. All on a random tweet from a notorious troll. He could be talking about a sandwich left behind for all you guys know, or more likely some random ex-gf he dumped, or absolutely nothing and just some crap he's going to make up.

Looks like the closet racists and nutjobs of the world have finally found a nice scapegoat. You guys are the hypocrites here, not jones, at least until anything actually comes out. Something verifiable and not just chael nonsense.
I agree with your sentiment, but you should have stopped at the first paragraph. Now you've just shot yourself in the foot and the irony will be delicious for everyone you've just accused of being a hypocrite.
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