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Ian McCall says the 'stupid' cops who arrested him thought he was a drug dealer


Let’s face it, the Los Angeles Police Department has never been known for their intelligence. Their racism and racial profiling, absolutely; but not their brains’ ability to harvest protein. The LAPD actually thought I was a drug dealer too. They searched my friend's BMW after they saw my watch and made the assumption that it could only have been purchased with money I obtained from selling cocaine to celebrities. Nevermind my former investment banking career… That’s like corporate minimum wage to LA’s Finest. Perhaps Southern California has a drug problem, or perhaps their police department is a huge fan of Michael Phelps, but Ian McCall was arrested a couple of weeks ago and here’s what he has to say on the MMA Hour about the experience.

“They thought I was a drug dealer. Don't know why. Well, actually, I know why. Someone that doesn't like me told them I was a drug dealer. An actual drug dealer that doesn't like me got busted -- I've seen the paperwork -- and said ‘oh, he's a drug dealer too.' And they came over to my house and they didn't find any drugs, they didn't find any text messages, they didn't find anything bad. So they're like ‘okay, you're not a drug dealer, but your probation officer said to come get you anyways because you have a suspended license.”
"It was embarrassing. Them taking me away in front of my daughter and my wife. They tore my house apart, they tore my car apart. I guess they were following me from the gym, and they said, ‘oh, it would be more embarrassing if you got arrested in front of your gym.' Well I'd much rather be arrested in front of my gym, where my coach is a lawyer, compared to me being arrested at my house, in front of my neighbors and my daughter. I don't know. Cops are stupid, and they really just wanted to come to the house and search the house. But, again, I'm not a drug dealer and I'm not being charged with selling drugs.”

If you didn’t picture Ian McCall twirling his moustache while reading the quote, go back and re-read it. It’ll be way more fulfilling the second time around. However, if you’re too busy to read it twice, you should probably get back to whatever it was you were doing. Ian McCall is out of jail and he's going to be fine. That's all that's important.

The bolded part is about McCall, the other stuff is from the writer.

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