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Originally Posted by Killz View Post
I LOVE The Sopranos. One of the greatest TV shows ever.

I totally need to start it from the beginning again!
Corrado was like Carlo Gambino. Almost certain they got the look from that don. Luckbox watched it five times, I've seen it seven times with the exception of Season 6 where I've watched it three times.

They modelled some of the characters from numerous real life mobsters.

Tony Soprano - Vinny Ocean based on the Decalvacante family in Jersey. He owned a mini mansion and a strip joint.

Although many other bosses can lay claim David Chase has said the Sopranos' model was in fact the Boiardo family - run by Ruggiero "Richie the Boot" Boiardo and his son "Tony Boy", and linked to the Genovese family that largely ruled Newark, the state's biggest city back in the 1960s and 1970s.

Vito Spitafore - John "Johnny Boy" D'Amato was murdered in 1992 for the same allegations as his counterpart.

Johnny Sacramoni - John Teflon Gotti. Both wore Brioni suits, chain smokers who died in prison of cancer. Also Johnny wanted to wack Carmine Lupertazzi which is an homage of John Gotti putting the hammer on Paul Castellano.

"Big P****" Bonpensiero - Big P and Little P were top allies and henchman for Ruggiero "Richie The Boot" Boiardo.

Silvio Dante - Tommy Ricciardi was the top enforcer for the Lucchese crime familys New Jersey faction. The television mobster, like his real-life counterpart, likes to dress well in wiseguy chic, and they both carry themselves with a dont-mess-with-me swagger.

Peter Paul "Paulie Walnuts" Gualtieri - His surname is taken from real life DeCavalcante crime family mobster Frank Gualtieri, who served under Vincent Palermo.

Little Carmine Lupertazzi - It is believed that the inspiration for Little Carmine's character is John A. Gotti, who was also groomed by his father to take over the reins, despite showing little of the intelligence, tactical brutality, or stomach needed for the job.

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