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^While this is true, I think you have to take into account how big the UFC has gotten. Guys are ALWAYS debuting in the UFC. Some turn out to be massive prospects for the title like Weidman, some dissappear never to be seen again. Years ago, it was a lot smaller so things like TUF could bring in more guys who are struggling to get the oppertunity at a UFC fight. Tom Watson is a prime example. He's really a nobody outside of UK MMA, and with his only big win being over Ninja Rua and almost losing to Alex Reid, he really has no noteable success. He easily could have been in TUF, but instead he's going to have his first fight on a UFC undercard, like multiple others. He might lose a few and disappear, but there will always be someone to fill that spot. The guys that get into TUF now aren't really prospects for the title, or people for the future, but more guys that have never really caught a break and now is a chance for them. The UFC believes that the high level of training might give someone the skillset to make a good UFC run, but 99.9% of the time, the fighter makes the training, and not the other way around.

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