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Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post
Weidman is winning, but he's not fighting greater competition? Infact, he's fighting the second most overrated fighter at MW (after himself). Is that the best selling point of this fight? Until he beats someone who could legitimatley make a claim for the title, I don't see why anyone would consider Weidman to be the best contender. He might be beating guys who are high on the ranks, but until he beats someone that might pose some sort of challenge on paper and is a top ranked guy, I don't see why. I think Michael Bisping gives him a hell of a fight, as he's a good stand up fighter and managed to hold off Sonnen's masterclace of wrestling.
Bisping is already lined up to fight Stann. I doubt Weidman would want to wait another 5-6 months to fight. Vitor and Sonnen have moved up. Belcher, who is insanely overrated, is out with an injury. Who else is there for Weidman to fight in the meantime? The fact is, Tim knocked out Okami, who recently fought for the title. And he defeated Lombard, a top ranked MW by anyone in the know (though I put more emphasis on Hector losing the fight for himself than Tim actually winning it). All that to say that Tim is up there, and he's one of very few names currently available.

Besides, Weidman made Munoz look like an amateur. And I know everyone dismisses Mark now, but the fact is, a year ago, people were calling for him to fight for the title. It's amazing how quickly talk can go from 'He ought to challenge Anderson' to 'He was never that good' following a loss. Happened to Stann, and now it's happening to Munoz. Nine times out of ten, it's just dodgy fans trying to discredit a fighter's record (Sonnen's after defeating Stann, and now Weidman's after defeating Munoz).

Not to mention, where does it say that this is for a title shot? Dana has a legitimate hard-on for Bisping, and there's nothing to say that if Mike beats Stann and Weidman defeats Boetsch, we won't see a title eliminator. This is especially likely if UFC ultimately goes the route of Silva vs. St. Pierre.
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