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Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post
Why would an Anderson Silva fan dislike Weidman?

The two people I am sick of hearing about are Weidman and Gus, because both are getting skyrocketed into title shots they don't really deserve.

Weidman is a great fighter and might well be the best at the weight, maybe he can beat AS, who knows...but one thing is for sure and it's that Munoz and Boetsch are NOT top tier fighters. Vitor Belfort knocks both of them out in the first round imo. Bisping beats both aswell imo. I don't like having someone put into such a high spot when they haven't earned it. I don't even know where it's coming from. Weidman has been impressive in ONE fight. Beating a bunch of nobodies with alright performances, having a terrible fight against Maia and beating a terrible looking Munoz is literally ALL Weidman has done.

I also don't get why Weidman has the "best style to beat Anderson Silva". I class Sonnen as the UFC's best takedown artist, and he can keep people on the ground better than anyone else too. Weidman doesn't have as good takedowns to me, so he will have to set them up. This means either standing or clinching with Silva, which means he's getting knocked out quite quickly.

I don't dislike Weidman. He's an alright fighter, has never been tested and hasn't faught against someone who IS a test. If he beats someone who is a legit contender (And not someone who beat Okami lol and beat Lombard's shadow).

Belcher is medically cleared before Weidman and Boetsche fight. A training camp is what? 8 weeks or something. Belcher Vs Weidman in January = Weidman's proving ground.
The real reason you here so much about them is because there really isn't anyone else left to challenge AS that should put up a good challenge and they are winning fights.

Tim's wins are legitimate, don't be bias, beating him should propel you forward.

Belcher is a solid fighter but not the big threat you're saying he is at least NIMO anyway.

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