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Originally Posted by slapshot View Post
That's a big assumption, Tim could just as easily walk out with the win.

He has that kind of power and I don't think he's a easy win for anyone in the division not named Anderson Silva.
He's not EASY, but I think if Weidman goes in there and sticks to his gameplay, he's going to take the fight without really having any tests.

That's my main issue. Weidman isn't being tested. It's not even that he's steamrolling, because on paper the tests aren't there. Sure, Boetsch could clip him and knock him out, but putting everything down to the KO punch is just by chance. Boetsch doesnt really have any gameplan or strategy which will win this one for him. I want to see Weidman get someone who has plans of their own. Stann would go head to head with wrestling, Bisping would use his stand up and grappling etc. It just gets to me that he's getting the easy route when all around him are fights that he has to work for.

Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
lol, now I feel badly for leaving you a retaliatory neg. rep. And yes, people leave red without rhyme or reason all of the time. Welcome to the internet

I didn't mind your schedule. Though I still don't think that Weidman is going to be awarded a title shot if/when he dispatches Boetsch. As I said previously, it's no secret that Dana loves Bisping and has been trying to set him up for a title fight, and if both win their upcoming fights, I could see the UFC scheduling Weidman vs. Bisping for the new year.
If this is the case, I'm completely for it. Even if Stann wins I want to see that happening (EDIT: THAT being Stann Vs Weidman). It's more the bandwagoning that's getting to me. I'd route for Weidman against anyone except Bisping and Silva really. I don't think that Dana would really be doing anything unjust. Bisping certainly needs something else after the Sonnen loss, and Weidman will need a win over a 'legit' contender before he gets the title shot himself.

That's why I'm so happy about the possibility of GSP/Silva. It sorts so much stuff out. Having anyone fight Silva in the new year is premature imo. Everyone is one big name win away from a title shot really. Bisping/Stann are two wins so one after their fight. If Boetsch beat Weidman, it'd be hard to deny the upset king a title shot.

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