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Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post
I loaded this yesterday and never watched it. NEVER seen an episode but watched Donnie Brasco the other day and wanted to continue getting into the Mafia shit (and my PS3 is broke so Vito and Joe won't have any adventures).

Is it THAT mafia like? I hate the Godfather, but I love Goodfellas, Donnie Brasco, Sopranos PS2 game , Mafia games, Godfather games etc.
It's the show that changed TV history. The Godfather is a very subtle film. Every mafia flick has paid tribute to it one way or another. Robert Dinero was in The Godfather Part II before he made Goodfellas and same with Al Pacino before Donnie Brasco. If you get a chance maybe watch it's one of the greatest films of all time. That is how the mafia operates and how modern day mafioso model themselves surprisingly.

I swear they had real life mafia members consult for the Sopranos. Well, Tony Sirico who plays Pauli Walnuts was part of the Columbo Crime Family.

*Note* Luca Brasi was a real life enforcer and bodyguard. That's what made him intimidating and gave the film authenticity. It could not have been made without the blessing of the REAL MOB.

You got six seasons and you're gonna love it!

Originally Posted by Killz View Post
It's about as mafia as you can get these days. Try it, you'll love it
No doubt! They're coming out with a new film with Sean Penn as Mickey Cohen. He worked for Jack Dragna, but became the bodyguard of Bugsy Siegel when he got sent from the East Coast. Harvey Keitel plays Mickey in Bugsy.

EDIT: Just read the funniest anecdote.

Arnold "Squiggy" Ezekiel Squitieri(born February 2, 1936) of Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey is a convicted drug dealer and former acting boss and current Underboss of the Gambino crime family.[1] He is also known as "Zeke", "Bozey", and "Squitty".

While on parole from prison, Squitieri received a flat panel television as a gift from an undercover FBI agent Joaquín "Jack" García. One evening, Squitieri was watching an episode of the TV series The Sopranos (All Happy Families...). Wanting to get rid of a mobster on parole, boss Anthony Soprano sends him a stolen TV set. Soprano then arranges for a parole officer to visit the mobster and arrest him for possessing stolen property. When the show was over, a frightened Squitieri gave away the TV[6] and purchased his own.

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