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Direction of the UFC

*The above article is not linked below because it is indicative of a pattern of behavior in some fighters - it is not intended to be the sole point of the topic.*

So where to start...??

As the UFC (and world wide MMA) grows in scope there have obviously been bumps in the road.

The latest centering around Jon Jones has been well documented and does not need to be rehashed for the millionth time.

As a fan, I have always wanted to see MMA grow in popularity. With that in mind, I find myself questioning how the vision I once had is changing. I thought that the bigger and more accepted (as a sport in the mainstream) MMA became, the better it would be.

I do not see this as the case anymore. I watch MMA because it is the most entertaining and exciting use of my time. I spend money on the PPVs (even when I was not financially in the best position to do so) because it is my passion.

However, if something is no longer about what made it appealing initially, how does that impact those who made it successful?

We are quickly approaching the *exact* same issues that have destroyed boxing as a sport. Fighters are not in it for the same reasons that the pioneers of the sport were.

As a fan, I am seriously wondering if I would rather see the best in the world (Jon Jones in this case) compete, or if I would rather see what attracted me to MMA in the first place: Heart - Passion - Dedication - Enthusiasm. **** the perfect technique, precision business decisions, and flawless W/L ratios of today, that dictate the direction the sport is going. I miss the "never back down; leave it all in the cage; do it for the fans who pay your bills" mentality.

Even some of the fighters I once supported are starting to do this.

I suppose my question for those of you who understand my frustrations is this:

Would you rather see the sport plateau and be more focused on the entertainment; or do you like where the sport is heading (growing pains and all)?

Thank for taking the time to read. - Zath

Always supporting:

Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones is the best match-up the UFC has ever been able to arrange. Here's to hoping it goes down.
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