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yeah man i 100% understand fighters that think about their careers and money, i dont blame them or hate them its the logical thing to do, but i love fighters that fight just to fight...just for the love of the game, and you know what? this is a problem in many sports IMO, in other sports there are those guys that simply love what they do and the other ones that whatever makes them the most money they do.

there are many fighters that dont seem to have that warrior spirit, i know this is stupid to say because just to step into that cage they all are in fact warriors and i respect all the fighters that put their body on the line

but im trying to become a fighter right now, im not good, i probably wont make a dent in any MMA scene but i dont give a shit because i love mma, i love the idea around this sport, i would be those guys that started fighting for peanuts...there are many fighters that are still like this, look at lauzon man, that guy doesnt fight to collect a paycheck, he fights to finish you!

same with wandy, his whole career was just him fighting to finish you, did he enjoy the $? obviously, i bet hes asked for a raise and stuff like that, but its obvious he just loves fighting and i respect that, i wish more fighters had that old-school spirit because really back in the day anyone who fought sure as hell wasnt doing it for the money

nowadays you see many athletes that choose MMA not because they love fighting, but because they think they CAN be good at it and be very famous and have lots of $...hell isnt that what JBJ has admitted to in many interviews? thats why he got into this game...he still has amazing fights but i hate to know THAT was his reason to start
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