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Originally Posted by xxpillowxxjp View Post
I agree, but im not going to beat the shit out of one of my friends that doesnt even train for something he does while he is drunk. Would cause drama and make me look like a bully. Id rather brush it off and turn the other cheek.

Well i didnt explain it in the other thread but the reason drunk driving is very much abundant in America is there arent taxis everywhere. The only places with taxis ready to go are HUGE cities.

But no, most of my friends are not religious in the sense that they do not drink.
Just hurting others for amusement and risking others lives because you are too lazy to organise a safe way to get home don't seem like overly Christian qualities to me.

I disagree that it would make you look like a bully if you slapped him around. Even just take him down and put him in a kimura. People can't walk around life thinking that it's acceptable to kick others in the testicles, for all you know he may have ruined your chance to have children in the future.

And you say you aren't going to hurt him cos of something he did while drunk? So because he chose to poison himself and lower his inhibitions he's somehow excusable?

None of my friends would every try anything like that on me because they know what would happen to them if they did.

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