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Originally Posted by TheLyotoLegion View Post
I agree.

It's not the "boring" fights that will kill MMA, hell look at Nascar. that's the most God awful thing that's ever been created, I mean cars going around in a circle? What the **** is that shit? But it's got a GIGANTIC fanbase, so if something that terrible can have a legion of fans I'm sure the UFC and MMA can survive a few wrestlers dominating.

The one thing that will hurt MMA is the big stars not fighting and that's what guys like Anderson and Jones need to get over. I can see points for both of them(Weidman not being marketable, Chael potentially knowing Hendo was hurt for weeks) but I still don't like them doing it.
It's kind of amazing how you turn every other subject in a Andy/Bones hate train...

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