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Well the athletic commissions would be to blame for some of the issues, poor training and little to no accountability for judges and referees.

The big issues facing the UFC are the fact that the UFC stretched themselves too thin with the fox commitments and the unintended consequences of fighter insurance.

Both issues have overlapped and caused some issues but the larger issue is that they can't expect ppl to plop down 50 bucks every month sometimes twice a month in this economy. Not to mention the quality is lacking.

They don't want to put the most popular fights on Fox because then they cant charge pay per view money for them so we get shit cards that lead to bad ratings on TV.

The PPV model is struggling because they have less fighters to choose from coupled with fighter injuries. It all leads to watered down cards.

They need to put title contention fights on fox, tell a story get ppl hooked in so when that guy hits PPV to challenge for the title ppl have a interest in the outcome.

They need to do less ppvs, if the future is free programming, lets see it? They can recover the loss of small pay per view events buy booking big events again.

Three or so title fights a PPV and use fox to build it up. Regardless of what they do I think we can all agree they need to do something.

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