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Originally Posted by Life B Ez View Post
Released by law enforcement. If the media finds something they are free to run it. How do you think so much horrific shit is run in some magazines or news papers. Also none of that says anything about the media running a story, it is what the media can search and read.

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While I'm sure we could go 12 rounds about legal jargon; the very first search returned this:

Newspapers must be careful not to publish information that they obtained from sources that violates the confidentiality protections for juveniles involved in juvenile proceedings. This rule is statutorily created and applies to proceedings in which a juvenile is alleged to be delinquent or dependent. However, the Supreme Court of the United States has held that reporters' First and Fourteenth Amendment rights outweigh a states interests in protections relating to the rehabilitation of juveniles. This means that if a reporter lawfully obtains the names of juveniles involved in crimes, the reporter may publish the names of the juveniles.

See that part where the qualifier is *LAWFULLY*? Yeah, that entails a formal request to the court; which requires a judge to approve it.(see previous post) Edit: linked here so you can keep up

"Access to a person's juvenile crime records is much more restricted than access to adult crime records. Most states consider juvenile crime records confidential and will deny the public and media access. Access to juvenile records is usually only granted to certain persons and organizations, such as:

Local, state and federal law enforcement
Court officials
The juvenile's attorney
Victims or potential victims
School officials

Access to juvenile crime records may not be automatic. Persons or organizations seeking access might have to get court permission by making a showing of good cause, and even then, the court may have the authority to deny the request in its discretion."

And trying to pick apart one of the examples I gave you is just lazy. Go run a search and provide data if you really want to debate this. I am bored and would enjoy the the exercise in futility.

Always supporting:

Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones is the best match-up the UFC has ever been able to arrange. Here's to hoping it goes down.

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