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I think there are definitely growing pains for the UFC right now as they explode and continue to grow. One of the things for fighters is job security and a paycheque. Not every fighter makes GSP/Bones/Silva money with outside endorsements and have to fight to pay rent etc.

One of the things the UFC could do to counteract that downside is sign fighters to longer contracts ala other major sporting organizations. Think about long-term multi million dollar contracts in football, baseball, hockey etc. Offer fighters a multi-year contract with X number of fights a year, money guaranteed plus bonuses.

Something like that would give a fighter less of a fear of a loss on their record, but their overall performance over that contract period would dictate their future earnings.

It's not like the yankees spend $$$ and don't ever lose, so should the mentality of a fighter. Sure, the best fighters will probably have an above .800 win/loss record over 10 fights, but the overall value to the company can also factor in to a potential contract.
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