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Originally Posted by Freelancer View Post
I'm amazed that, as soon as the leg grabs were LIMITED(not removed!) from judo, people started comparing it to greco with a gi. Guys, there are still leg throws in judo, and even with the limited leg grabs, judo is still more versatile in throws than greco.

If a guy adapts his judo to no-gi, he will fare better than his greco counterpart, IMO. The adaptation is the biggest issue.
Like he said limited not removed.

About how I feel, funny thing is Randy is known for greco and the move he used against James Toney is taught in judo. Maybe there is a greco version as well.

Its not the be all end all in MMA but its very rare to watch a MMA fight and not see judo used.

On the street though no art is better for self defense.

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