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Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post
I hate the "UFC fighters don't get paid enough" bullshit. If someone said to me right this second "I will pay your flights etc. and give you $1000 if you fight Cain Velasquez", I'd take it in a heartbeat. I could get KOed brutally by the dude calling me a wanker outside ot the chip shop, so if I'm cool with taking that risk with nothing but my "grr man pride" on the line, then getting 1k for getting my ass kicked is no issue at all. There dudes make LOADS of money. If a low level guy fights 4 times a year he could be looking at 80k (before expenses) or something, not to mention post fight bonuses. They make the exact amount that they should imo. Mayweather makes loads? He's also refusing to fight Pacquiao at 50/50 because he "makes more money". Do you want to see that in MMA? Mayweather/Pacquiao...Silva/Weidman? If you want money to become a huge drive of fighters in UFC, then theres no way in a billion years Silva would accept the Weidman fight.

MMA fighters are FIGHTERS. Not businessmen. That's why I'm an MMA fan. The Clydebank Blitz is the nickname of a boxing hometown hero Gary McArthur, I grew up watching boxing, I was posting on ESB years before I knew this existed...but because MMA isn't this moneybags operation where people fight with dollar signs in their eyes, it's by far the better sport imo. The second fighters start making 50 million a fight, is the second I start watching XARM.
Of course you would take the fight. So would I. We have nothing to lose, do we? We get our ass kicked for one night and we get paid. Losing to a MMA fighter such high calibre is nothing to be ashamed about as well. We earn extra income for basically getting whupped.

However, our day job ain't MMA fighting. These people need the money for survival. Their career span is short, and they need to earn as much as possible before retiring/finding a lower pay job. If they take high-risk fights and lose, not only would they drop down ranking wise, their career might soon be in jeopardy and they would find themselves in the lower-paying leagues again. Try thinking from the fighters' perspective.

Mayweather and Pacquiao both made up excuses to not fight each other. They do not want to fight each other, and neither can they be forced to fight each other as boxing has a different organisation structure to that of UFC. However, UFC can make the fighters fight each other. Otherwise, just fire them. I'm sure no UFC fighter wants to be cut, considering the monopoly hold UFC has on the MMA industry. So what is preventing the fighters from earning more money?

I just googled XARM to get a clue what you are talking about. If you are considering watching that over MMA...

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