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I've dropped my benchpress, kickpress and overheadpress from my regimen in order to focus more on form grappling and striking, as well as increasing my cardio.

The revised regimen:

Warm up - 8 rounds of 3 minutes shadow boxing with 18 ounce gloves and 6 rounds of 3 minutes on the heavybag (all of this is just hands)

Grappling I - 10 minutes of sprawls (1 30 second break in the middle), 20 minutes of takedown drills and Roman-Greco wrestling (alternate training partner every 2 minutes), 20 minutes of submission grappling (alternate partner every five minutes)

Striking I - 10 minutes of straight heavybag (working combinations, knees and kicks), 10 minutes of hand-pad striking (for accuracy and speed) and 5 rounds of 3 minutes live sparring (no partner alternation)

Cool down - 20 minute jog

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