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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
A Champion who actually wants to defend his belt. Hmmm... I guess Anderson and Bones didn't get the memo.

And lol @ any Silva fanboy who gives GSP shite. Even if he came right out and said, 'I don't want to fight Anderson Silva,' how is that any different than Silva saying he doesn't want to fight Jones?

Correction. Carlos Condit has held up the division.
My God.....we agree.....

....... :|

Anyway, I'm not a fan of this fight, nor am I fan of JDS/Jones, Jones/Silva, Silva/GSP, or GSP/Bendo

This isn't Pacquiao/Mayweather where they're both in the same weight class, this is asking a guy whose fought at 170 lbs for years to fight a guy who has fought at 205 not THAT long ago and a guy who was flirting with the idea of fighting at Heavyweight. It's not something that interests me, if we're talking Aldo/Cruz where they're only apart by ten pounds or so I could go for that but fights like this? No.

Let Anderson fight Weidman/Boestch, Belcher, and Bisping and let GSP fight Condit and if he beats Condit, he's got Hendricks or Kampmann and of course Nick Diaz out there someday...

And of course, no one's gonna call Anderson a ***** for not fighting Jones, but they will call GSP one for refusing to fight Anderson, even though Jones/Anderson is a much more realistic fight.

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