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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
A Champion who actually wants to defend his belt. Hmmm... I guess Anderson and Bones didn't get the memo.

And lol @ any Silva fanboy who gives GSP shite. Even if he came right out and said, 'I don't want to fight Anderson Silva,' how is that any different than Silva saying he doesn't want to fight Jones?

Correction. Carlos Condit has held up the division.
silva - most title defenses in the history of the UFC.

jones - fought 4 times last year, 1 for contention, 1 for the title, and 2 defenses.

Not to mention after vitor jones will have defended 4 times in the span of a year.

The last time GSP fought more than twice in a year was in 2005.

Silva also tried to save 151. GSP would have NEVER taken ANY fight on 8 days notice at this point in his career.

Silva also said he would fight weidman... soares was the one that said he wouldnt and we KNOW we cant believe anything that soares said.

The difference between silva-jones and gsp-silva is silva did say he didnt want to fight jones. Gsp has not said he doesnt want to fight silva, he just keeps making excuses of why he cant - "If i move to 185 i want to stay there" "there is still challengers in my division" ect, ect, NOW anderson says he will fight at a catch weight where GSP wont have to stay at and can return to cleaning up his division and gsp is still refusing... Come on now. None of that would matter if he just said "i do not want to fight silva"

EDIT : And it's even worse that you guys are acting like hendricks or kampmann or even diaz have anything more than a freak chance in beating gsp. Condit fight could surely be interesting and i would say he has the best chance out of any of those 4... but any of the other 3 is just dreamy.

And its not that Silva-Jones isnt a good fight, or a fairer fight, because, it actually IS a much better fight. It's that GSP has been champion since 07/was before losing to serra and silva has been champion since 06. The GSP-Silva fight has simply been talked about longer and is more well deserved then Jones/Silva.

I am saying this all unbiasedly. I am only presenting the facts (other than saying gsp would never have taken a fight on 8 days.. but i think we all can pretty much agree on that)

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