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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
A Champion who actually wants to defend his belt. Hmmm... I guess Anderson and Bones didn't get the memo.

And lol @ any Silva fanboy who gives GSP shite. Even if he came right out and said, 'I don't want to fight Anderson Silva,' how is that any different than Silva saying he doesn't want to fight Jones?

Correction. Carlos Condit has held up the division.
It is different because Bones himself has also said he doesn't want to fight Anderson. So neither guy is looking for that fight...

How can you say Silva fans cannot talk? When Silva has fought at 168-205 3 different weight classes. Where as GSP has never moved any weight for one single fight? How can you say this when Silva isn't in his prime like GSP, he is almost 38 years old? How can you compare the 2 when one guy has been the best in the world at 2 different weights and the other guy has never stepped outside of 170?

You are more of a fanboy/bias fan because you are canadian. I am not brazilian. I may be a fan but countrymen bias isn;t clouding my judgement...

I agree with you on the Condit statement.

Originally Posted by xxpillowxxjp View Post
And its not that Silva-Jones isnt a good fight, or a fairer fight, because, it actually IS a much better fight. It's that GSP has been champion since 07/was before losing to serra and silva has been champion since 06. The GSP-Silva fight has simply been talked about longer and is more well deserved then Jones/Silva.
Agree with this big time. I would love a Silva/Bones fight as a Silva fan. That would be amazing. And I can freely admit that I think Bones would win (can't stand bones). He would take him down and beat on him with elbows. I can admit that. But neither guy wants that fight.

The GSP/Silva fight, Anderson wants and GSP has never been apposed to down the line. That fight is so big because these are the 2 best of all time. #1 and #2. 2 guys that have been separated by 1 weight class and atop of the UFC their whole UFC careers. It is that fact that makes this fight the #1 fight.

Anderson fans want the fight, they are confident he will win.

GSP fans don't want it. They go as far to say they don't see the appeal of the fight. Instead of admitting GSP would lose, they are quick to point a finger at Anderson for not moving weight (which at least he has, GSP has never done it once). They look for someone else to blame. They don't want the fight because they know GSP would get handled and can't accept that fact...

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