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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
It is different because Bones himself has also said he doesn't want to fight Anderson. So neither guy is looking for that fight...

How can you say Silva fans cannot talk? When Silva has fought at 168-205 3 different weight classes. Where as GSP has never moved any weight for one single fight? How can you say this when Silva isn't in his prime like GSP, he is almost 38 years old? How can you compare the 2 when one guy has been the best in the world at 2 different weights and the other guy has never stepped outside of 170?

You are more of a fanboy/bias fan because you are canadian. I am not brazilian. I may be a fan but countrymen bias isn;t clouding my judgement...

I agree with you on the Condit statement.
What in the hell are you even going on about? I said that no one is giving Anderson flack for not wanting to fight Jones, but that they'll come out in droves to call GSP a coward because he doesn't yet want to fight Anderson. I was comparing the scenarios, and not the fighters. At the end of the day, GSP is the WW champion, and if he doesn't want to fight Silva right now, such is his prerogative. The WW champion wants to rule over the WW division... I know, I know, what a ridiculous concept.

Where was I comparing their weight, their fight history, or anything like that? I can't even tell what you're getting at with that mumbo jumbo. Here's the comparison... let me spell it out for you. Anderson doesn't want to fight Jones, and his fans call it 'respect'. GSP may not want to fight Anderson just yet, and it gets labelled as 'fear'. It's illogical.

You lost any credibility you may have had with your 'argument' when you accused me of being biased because I'm Canadian. Being Canadian doesn't mean by default that I'm a fan of Canadian fighters. What a ridiculous and, frankly, cop out argument to make
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