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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
What in the hell are you even going on about? I said that no one is giving Anderson flack for not wanting to fight Jones, but that they'll come out in droves to call GSP a coward because he doesn't yet want to fight Anderson. I was comparing the scenarios, and not the fighters. At the end of the day, GSP is the WW champion, and if he doesn't want to fight Silva right now, such is his prerogative. The WW champion wants to rule over the WW division... I know, I know, what a ridiculous concept.
What do you have to say for the fcat that Jones doesn't want to fight Anderson either? So how is anyone supposed to give Anderson flack when they both have said they don't want it?

What do you have to say to the fact that ANderson has fought in 3 different weight classes and is almost 38 years old? What do you have to say when I tell you THAT is why Anderson doesn't get any flack also. Because GSP has NEVER done this yet is the P4P #2?

Why don't you actually answer some of the points I stated rather than act like my post made no sense?

Why are you even talking about Bones/ANderson? How is that even relevant? Is Dana White talking about that fight? Why are you comparing a fight that has been talked about for years, is being talked about a lot by the president of the UFC, who at least 1 of the fighters involved wants....with a Bones/Anderson fight? 1 is reality and 1 is your made up fantasy fight that isn't even on the table...

Why avoid all of this?

You completely avoid the fact that Bones has said he doesn't want that fight either. You avoid the fact that that fight isn't even being talked about while the GSP/Silva matchup has been talked about for years?

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