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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
What do you have to say for the fcat that Jones doesn't want to fight Anderson either? So how is anyone supposed to give Anderson flack when they both have said they don't want it?
Anderson said he didn't want to fight Jones first. And no one cared or accused him of being scared. GSP doesn't merit that same respect? Okay.

What do you have to say to the fact that ANderson has fought in 3 different weight classes and is almost 38 years old? What do you have to say when I tell you THAT is why Anderson doesn't get any flack also. Because GSP has NEVER done this yet is the P4P #2?
You can be a great fighter without having to go up and down in weight. I don't subscribe to lists. Many people consider Fedor the greatest fighter of all time, and how often did he fight outside of HW? Exactly. I don't believe that moving up and wailing on a couple of cans makes you better than a champion who rules his weight class with an iron fist.

Why don't you actually answer some of the points I stated rather than act like my post made no sense?
Because your points are ridiculous and don't even enter the conversation. I'm referencing Silva fans having no problem with Anderson refusing to fight Bones, yet calling GSP a scaredy-cat because he doesn't yet want to fight the MW champion. I really don't see where Anderson's moving up and down in weight comes into that discussion. If Silva's knocking out the almighty James Irvine and Forrest Griffin is enough to make you get down on both knees and jerk away, then that's your prerogative.

Why are you even talking about Bones/ANderson? How is that even relevant? Is Dana White talking about that fight? Why are you comparing a fight that has been talked about for years, is being talked about a lot by the president of the UFC, who at least 1 of the fighters involved wants....with a Bones/Anderson fight? 1 is reality and 1 is your made up fantasy fight that isn't even on the table...
Because Dana White represents all fans everywhere. No fight should ever be discussed unless Dana okays it or introduces the idea. Bones vs. Anderson isn't on the table because Anderson came right out and said he didn't want it. Jones simply went along with that. Had Anderson said he wanted to mess Jones up, that fight would most definitely 'be on the table'.

You completely avoid the fact that Bones has said he doesn't want that fight either. You avoid the fact that that fight isn't even being talked about while the GSP/Silva matchup has been talked about for years?
lol, yes. People aren't talking about Bones vs. Silva. It's just me. Get your head out of your arse and try paying attention to what other posters have to say, as that fight is talked about often. And what does it matter if Bones also doesn't want the fight? Are you telling me that because Silva wants to fight St. Pierre, Georges should automatically have to accept it? If GSP wants to rule over WW for a little while longer, he's entitled to make that call as WW Champion. Again, there's that double standard. Silva doesn't want to fight Weidman and would instead rather fight a WW, but he's the champion and so that's just fine. Jon Jones doesn't want to fight Sonnen, but will take on Vitor, and hey... it's cool because he's the LHW champion. And champions are allowed to call the shots. Oh, wait... GSP wants to conquer WW, HIS DIVISION, and he's a wuss. Give me a break.

You're not worth debating. You resort to ridiculous retorts that have nothing to do with what I'm saying, and you make baseless assumptions and accusations. Where did I say that I wouldn't pay to watch this fight? I'd love to see St. Pierre test himself against arguably the best ever. I'm simply pointing out the ignorance of people like yourself who label GSP a coward for not wanting to fight Silva right now, while at the same time justifying Silva's obvious dodging of Jon Jones. Oh, but silly me... no one has ever talked about that fight to begin with
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