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Originally Posted by TheLyotoLegion View Post
That's where we disagree, if you look at BJ's record it's littered with losses and if you just glance at his record you kinda get thrown off and most of those losses are from him fighting guys like GSP, Hughes, Diaz, and even Machida. I don't really think anyone has to "take turns" moving up in weight, that's just me though, there's fights at 185 I like for Anderson, and there's fights at 170 I like for GSP. I'd watch the fight just because, but it's not really something I think would be competitive, I think Anderson would be too big for him just like I think Jones would be too big and too strong for Anderson.

As for the last part, I have no clue how much Anderson cuts, I know Jones cuts from 230, GSP from 195, Bendo from 190, Aldo from 165-170, and Cruz cuts from 160, Anderson's weight is kind of a mystery, he looked good when he weighed in vs. Chael but he's also discussed fights at Heavyweight, unless he pulled a Hendo and chugged water to make 207 then he'd have to weigh more than 205 unless he's dropped weight since he fought Forrest.
I'm not saying anyone has to take turns. I'm just saying many of the other bests have moved weight in order to challenge themselves or find the biggest fights. And GSP has not fought a single fight outside of 170lbs. I'd like to see him test himself. There will always be "challengers" at each division. They rise to contender status and lose...then there is another. I'd like to see GSP/Diaz and Silva vs. Weidman or Bisping. But I'd like to see GSP/Silva at a catch weight most of all.

Silva weighs more than 205. I am just saying Bones would not have to cut weight. GSP and Anderson would meet at 180. Anderson would have to cut 5 extra lbs more than he has in a decade. In a Bones fight there is no cutting. Bones is not moving weight. They aren't meeting at say 198...So in my eyes those are 2 totally different things.

Being a MAchida fan you more than anyone knows that ANderson doesn't want to go to 205 because that is Machida's division. They both want to hold titles and neither wants to get in the way of the other.

Like Penn did, like Couture did, like Hendo has done, I would like to see GSP challenge himself and try a different weight or a catchweight. If he loses he can come back down to 170 and continue to dominate for 5 more years..
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