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Brock was brought in as a providential cash cow, just like kimbo slice, but with better luck this time around.

it was a bet and the bet paid and that's the end of it.

now everybody moved on with their lives and everybody's lot richer than before.

I call that a good operation

but certainly nothing worthy of HOF, maybe if there were a "best business move" HOF.

edit: that said, it was fun when he was around, before he found out about the punching in the face issue that happen in those kind of shows. Loved the Brock/Mir Rivalry and the fights, now with some time in between, I actually believe that most of it was staged, including the "coors light incident", that's just very smart promotion, and it did work great. So yea, now thinking about it, still not HOF material, but definitely an era worth remembering. I'd love to see that Fedor/Brock match now, it'd be fun with both fighters retired, probably nothing but balls to the wall back&forth action, they both have good enough technique to make it entertaining. But I think fedor ends up destroying brock in the end. but that's another topic.

so no, well, no HOF for brock, but it was fun to watch nonetheless
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