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Originally Posted by marcthegame View Post
The crazy part is Anderson has called GSP the best fighter alive today on many occasions.
This is the part I don't understand.

Anderson wants to test himself vs. another all time great. He could easily avoid wrestlers all together because that is the only way he can get beat right now.

I particularly don't think GSP would win at all. But many believe it is a toss up fight and many believe GSP would win no doubt. Opinions very THAT is why it is a great fight to make.

GSP to me, seems afraid to lose, ever since the Serra fight losing to a 155er by KO he has been cautious. He has said he puts all the chips in his favor, and in this fight for the first time in a real long time not all the chips are on his side.

Wonder how hard Dana will push for this fight after GSP beats Condit? It is the time to do this fight. GSP has said 180lbs for the fight. End of February in Cowboys Stadium.
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