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Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
Again, I disagree. When we talk of the early UFC, Royce always comes up fondly in conversation. You cant reminisce without digging a bit of Royce. Do you think anybody is going to remember Lesnar in 10 years?

The reason people talk about these fighters is because they did amazing, timeless things. All the fighters in the HoF so far have provided us with magic moments that we wont forget. Lesnar has done squat by comparison.

In a nutshell, damn right if nobody talks about a fighter at all he doesn't deserve to be in the HoF... because if we aint talking about them, it means they aint done shit.
If you talk about "early UFC" then Royce will come up. But thats very specific. If you talk about UFC PPV Buys Brock will also come up. I just think it's a bad indicator because as soon as someone retires or is inactive for a long time, they will become irrelevent and obviously not brought up a lot.

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